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Police Central offers modules and packages tailored to the needs of Police Departments.

Many police agencies don't have a need for the extensive Jail Management functionality that we offer. In those cases, we offer a scaled down Bookings module to capture basic information about an arrest, which includes pictures, demographics, arrest information, charges, and housing information.

Other modules available for Police Departments include:

Incident Reports module supports FBI requirements for agencies to prepare UCR and NIBRS incident reports for filing with the National Crime Information Center (NCIC).

Citations module is designed for traffic, criminal, parking and warning citations, and manages the complete process.

Evidence & Property module provides an integrated system to manage crime scene evidence and agency property room items.

Case Management module provides an integrated system to organize and manage all aspects of cases for the agency.

Field Interviews module manages Field Interviews and Intelligence information in a fully searchable and integrated system.

Warrants module provides a complete system for managing all outstanding and historical criminal warrants, and tracking associated warrant service history.

Staff module manages agency sworn and civilian staff information, including photographs, biographical data, addresses, emergency contacts, assigned property, skills, certifications, and other information.

LineUps module is the premier investigative electronic LineUps solution available on the market today.

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